Coordinators Corner

Help to keep bringing in blood

Lifesaver Club blood drive coordinators play a vital role in the community. Patients of Hawaii rely on your support, kindness and selfless efforts. But know that you are not alone in undertaking this role for your community. Blood Bank of Hawaii offers a complete program that’s ready to be implemented. Our goal is to make hosting a drive as easy as possible for you, and convenient for your employees or members.

Three key steps for coordinators

When you’re ready to start recruiting donors, keep in mind these three key steps: Educate, Ask and Thank. Below are tools to help you with each of these steps.


We have brochures, information sheets and presentations with interesting and important information for your donors. We’d be happy to provide you with any of these materials:


“Making the ask” for an appointment is a critical step. It’s more than just giving information, it is a proposal. It requires proper timing.

Education is first, followed by the ask. It’s an art, really.

And the more you practice, the better you get.

There are many ways to express how important blood donors are and get people to open up to the idea of donating blood. Here are just a sampling:


Be sure to thank your donors for helping save lives. Keep everyone on track with our Blood Drop Thermometer to measure your results and goals.