At Blood Bank of Hawaii, the safety of our staff, donors and visitors is always our top priority.

All staff, donors and visitors are no longer required to wear masks in administration offices, laboratories, donor centers or mobile collection sites. Individuals who desire to wear a mask are encouraged to do so freely based on personal preference.

Our Component Laboratory staff will continue to wear face shields to protect against blood exposure while processing.   

Donors exhibiting symptoms should not donate and visitors with symptoms will not be able to enter the Blood Bank of Hawaii premises. We are continuously monitoring the situation with COVID-19 in Hawaii, including the number of active cases and the number of COVID-19-positive patients hospitalized in the community. These factors and other considerations may impact our employee, donor and visitor policy and procedures anytime.

If you have tested positive or have been in close contact with a COVID-19 carrier, do not donate blood for 10 days after either your test or complete resolution of symptoms. If you have had a COVID-19 vaccine, you will be asked to name the manufacturer (ex: Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) when you donate and the date of your last vaccine. Click here for vaccine FAQ.

We will notify you of any changes in the future. Mahalo for your understanding and helping to keep our community safe.

As COVID-19 progresses from pandemic to endemic, Blood Bank of Hawaii CEO Kim-Anh Nguyen and our team would like to remind donors that they are considered essential and critical volunteers. Your donation is vitally important. Our protocols are in place to make your experience pleasant and safe. Please see FAQS below for details.

Blood Bank of Hawaii is monitoring the evolving public health situation and preparing for further spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). While we cannot predict blood needs, we know that a continuous and reliable supply of blood must remain available in order for hospitals to treat Hawaii’s patients. As stewards of the state’s blood supply, we are concerned that COVID-19 has the potential to adversely impact the availability of the blood supply, and we want to provide the most up-to-date information. We want to reassure you that at BBH, we are doing everything we can to face this challenge. Here are some answers to questions that you may have regarding blood donations:

Is it safe for me to donate blood?

  • Yes, it’s safe! You are NOT at any increased risk of contracting COVID-19 from donating blood, going to a blood center or attending a blood drive.
  • Our pre-donation screening process requires health/travel questions and a mini-physical exam, including a temperature check for every donor.
  • We defer any donors who have a fever or are not feeling healthy and well.

What procedures are already in place to ensure donor safety?

  • All blood bags and needles are sterile, single-use only.
  • Disinfecting wipes are placed in all donation areas.
  • Donor beds are cleaned between each donation.
  • All donor areas, including the reception/waiting area, canteen, history booths and donation chairs are cleaned regularly.
  • Before blood collection, the donor’s arm is thoroughly disinfected.
  • Staff wear gloves while interacting with donors during the entire donation process.

What additional measures are being taken to ensure donor safety?

  • BBH continues to consult with Hawaii DOH, as well as the CDC and FDA. We understand and take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • BBH procedures are already in line with best practices among blood banks. However, where applicable, we are modifying our workflow and operational setup to comply with DOH and CDC recommendations.

Can I give blood after receiving the currently available Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines?

Yes. You will not be deferred or need to wait for any period after receiving these vaccines.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 (short for coronavirus disease 2019) is a new respiratory disease, caused by a novel (or new) coronavirus. Symptoms can range from mild flu-like to more severe symptoms, primarily among the elderly and those with existing medical complications. Due to the numbers of people impacted and its relatively quick spread, individuals and organizations, including Blood Bank of Hawaii, are doing their part to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Can I donate if I had COVID-19?

  • If you have tested positive or have been in close contact with a COVID-19 carrier, do not donate blood for 10 days after either your test or complete resolution of symptoms.

What changes were made to ensure the safety of donors, staff and the blood supply?

We have safety protocols in place to ensure a safe operation, including disinfecting tools and machines, detailed staff call-off procedures and proper utilization of all necessary personal protective equipment. Every donor is pre-scheduled by appointment.

How can I help?

Make an appointment to donate, post the news on your social media pages and share the opportunity with your friends and family! Please note that although all blood types are needed and will be used, there is an immediate and high need for O-Positive and O-Negative blood types.

Healthy donors interested in giving blood may register at or call 808-848-4770. As a reminder, an appointment is required as walk-ins can no longer be accommodated. Individuals with questions about operations during COVID-19 may visit or connect via social media.

Where and when can I give blood?

Find a Blood Drive Near You

And remember, in these trying times, it is easy to feel isolated and fearful. But our BBH community has the opportunity to come together and take care of one another. It is so important to fill appointments not only now, but also we ask for you to pledge to make appointments for the next few months. Mahalo to everyone who has and will continue to donate. To make an appointment, find a blood drive here or call (808) 848-4770.

What else should I keep in mind?

  • Please remember that the best way to prevent catching or spreading any virus is washing your hands with soap and water, maintaining social distancing recommendations, using a face covering and staying at home if you do not feel well.
  • If on the day of donation or just prior to it you have been experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat, please cancel your appointment and reschedule after you’re feeling better.
  • If you had contact with someone who might have or has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or if you’re concerned you might have it, please do not donate.

Mahalo to Donors

We called on donors and you answered. We recognize the extraordinary response by blood donors across the state to ensure the availability of Hawaii’s blood supply during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we thank you. But the work is not done. As our communities have been opening back up and our hospitals are taking on more and more patients, the need for blood is increasing. We invite you to continue this long journey with us. You can donate eight weeks after your last whole blood donation. Please schedule your next donation today.

To make an appointment, find a blood drive near you or call (808) 848-4770.