Employee Dereck

“I was a donor before I ever started working here. I had just moved to Oahu from Kauai when Blood Bank of Hawaii called me to donate. I had never given blood at this location before so I came to the Young Street Donor Center and was impressed by the… Read More

Employee Jocelyn

“I switched careers recently. I’ve always been interested in the healthcare industry, so when the pandemic came, I felt like this was a great opportunity to help the community. I love helping to save lives one blood bag at a time. I am inspired by my coworkers who are incredibly… Read More


Our blood is amazing. It contains natural defenders called antibodies that identify and target viruses, bacteria and diseases that cause us harm. When you recover from COVID-19, your blood still contains these COVID-19-targeted antibodies, which doctors need for hospitalized patients who are fighting the virus. Because… Read More