“My role at Blood Bank of Hawaii is the single most impactful job I’ve had to date. Not only am I working with community members from all walks of life, but what I do extends and saves actual lives! When I go to sleep tired at night, no matter what variety of tasks I completed that day as a very busy account manager, I feel honored for each and every thing I got to accomplish on behalf of our patients.

I was born and raised in NYC, and in exchange for the blessing of living on this beautiful land, I am grateful to serve my Hawaii ohana. I grew up quite afraid to be around blood, so using my prior work experience in this industry is true growth for me, as I now am comfortable talking about and being around blood products daily.

My boss truly cares about our company’s mission and has an amazing way with people; I’m thankful to service our state under her leadership. It is often challenging to convince people to roll up their sleeve for a stranger and this company has taught me the value in making a difference, one person at a time.”